Launch of The ScientiFix Podcast!


Hi everyone! After quite a long hiatus while Laurens and I sorted our lives out, including finishing our PhDs (!!!), we are back with the launch of a new form of content for The ScientiFix: a podcast!

That’s right! Starting from today, you can listen to the sweet, sweet sound of our voices talking about a variety of topics from entertainment, science, technology, video games, and more every Monday! Themes and topics will be influenced by current events that interest us, and hopefully you as well! Following our attendance at Rock Werchter, our first podcast is about Festivals! You can find that podcast, and all of our future podcasts, on our SoundCloud page here:

So give us a follow to make sure you don’t miss out! We will also try to get the Podcast up on Itunes as soon as possible! Let us know what other ways you listen to your favourite podcasts and will do our best to make it available to you there as well! Finally, as always, we want to hear from YOU! So let us know what YOU want us to talk about and leave your comments about this first podcast below or on SoundCloud! We’re so glad to be back and excited to bring this new content to you!

Listen to our first podcast now:


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