What is Scientifix?

ScientiFix offers both scientists and the general public an easy way to keep up-to-date with interesting scientific content, including news, articles, and blog posts. We provide daily content as well as a weekly recap of the most recent peer-reviewed, published research and best blog posts from around the scientific community.


Why are most of the articles and news from the field of psychology/psychiatry/neuroscience? 

As the content writers for Scientifix are psychologists/neuroscientists by training, most of the scientific material we cover will fall under this area of expertise. However we do our best to cover major news from other fields and would be interested in adding experts from other disciplines to our team!


How do you pick which articles you feature?

Every day we conduct a search for new publications (primarily in the field of psychology) and prepare our content for posting the next day. We also keep an eye out on Twitter and consult other sources of science communication.


Can you feature my work?

We will definitely consider it! We are always looking to showcase new and exciting research! Send us an email at info@scientifix.com or send us a Tweet or Facebook message.


Who writes your posts? 

Find out more about our team here!


Do I need to pay to subscribe to Scientifix Weekly? 

Not at all! All Scientifix content is completely free! Just follow this link to subscribe to our mailing list and receive Scientifix Weekly right in your inbox every Monday!


Can I join the Scientifix team? 

We are always looking for new experts to join our team. Contact us at info@scientifix.com for more information.


Who funds Scientifix?

You do! (At least, you can!) Scientifix and its content is ran, produced, and maintained by two PhD students who are in no way being paid to do this. But you can help! If you enjoy the site and like our content, please consider donating any sum of money here. You will be handsomely rewarded with our everlasting gratitude, and, if you wish, your name on our Donation List or Special Thanks sections!


What are your conflicts of interest? 

We have none! 🙂