In this study by Wang and colleagues, they found that older native Chinese readers appear to compensate for age-related reading difficulty by employing a more careful reading strategy.

Older Chinese Adults Read More Carefully

Today, Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution announced the launch of a new article type: the Flop! They describe it as follows:   Flop articles describe the intended aims, study, methods, and mistakes of original research. Flop articles should be composed of Introduction, Methods, Discussion and Conclusions sections making sure to detail […]

Frontiers Introduces New Article Type: Flop!

In this study by Faria-Schutzer and colleagues, they found that having a high BMI during pregnancy was associated with stress, anxiety, and depression. In addition, pregnant obese women report feeling stigmatized by society, criticized by healthcare professionals, and feel a lack of support overall. Pregnant obese women also report that […]

Several studies demonstrate lack of emotional support provided to obese ...